The Village at McCoy-Jensen

The purpose of the The Village at McCoy-Jensen is to protect property value and improve our neighborhood through the enforcement of our covenants, conditions and restrictions.  The HOA is a non-profit corporation setup to oversee the management of our community, located in Lakewood, Colorado within Jefferson County.



For any issues regarding the The Village at McCoy-Jensen, please contact:

Realty One Property Management, Inc.
1745 Shea center Drive Ste 400
Highlands Ranch, CO  80129-1537
Phone: (303) 834-0311
Fax: (303) 932-0756

To send any comments, suggestions, or questions to the Board of Directors, please e-mail Realty One Property Management with your name and address, and your message will be routed accordingly.






Meeting Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I participate as part of the Homeowners' Association?
All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend HOA meetings.  At this meeting, an update of HOA activities is provided.  All homeowners are invited to attend and participate. 

How much are our HOA fees and when are they due?
Our HOA currently has a monthly assessment of $275 (total) per unit. Fees are assessed at the first of each month and payment is due by the 10th of each month.

What are our HOA fees used for?
HOA fees are used for the expenses associated with the management of common areas and our HOA.  Expenses include the maintenance, improvement and repair of common area grounds, as well as the preparation of our taxes, insurance, management fees, snow removal and other miscellaneous items.  Any income exceeding expenses is held in a reserve fund. For details, please review our annual budget.

What happens if I choose not to pay my assessments?
These fees are assessed to maintain our common areas and our HOA, and ultimately help maintain property values in our neighborhood. Payment of these fees is an obligation that you agreed to when you purchased your home.  If you do not pay these fees and your account becomes 30 days delinquent, you will be charged 1.5% interest per month on the unpaid balance. Additionally, the HOA may begin legal proceedings to collect these fees and any associated interest.  Such a situation may result in a lien being placed on your property.  Fees incurred during this process are recoverable by your HOA, including legal fees associated with collection.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my assessment?
Please contact Realty One Property Management at (303) 834-0311.

Who do I contact if my neighbor is violating our Covenants and/or Rules and Regulations?
Contact Realty One Property Management (303) 834-0311, or e-mail They will contact the homeowner to resolve the issue.  

What do I do about illegally parked cars, loud music, barking dogs or the like?
Contact the Lakewood Police at
303-987-7300. This is the non-emergency number.  Emergencies always dial 911.  Barking Dogs: Animal Control at 303-987-7173 They will take the information and send a officer if appropriate. As a follow-up, please notify Realty One Property Management as some of these issues may also be governed by our covenants.

What if I have received a letter saying I am in violation of a covenant and I want to contest it?
Homeowners have the right to appeal a violation or fine. To do so, please contact Realty One Property Management at (303) 834-0311 or at .

What types of changes to my property require approval?
Most changes to the outward appearance of your property require approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Examples include (but are not limited to) landscaping changes, new windows, doors.  To determine if your planned changes require HOA approval, contact Realty One Property Management early in the process and prior to buying materials or hiring contractors for the work.  Please submit your plans more than 30 days before your work is planned using the Architectural Request Form.  Also, please be prepared to submit sketches, paint samples, or a description of materials to be used.

What if I proceed with changes without the approval of the ACC? 
You risk having to redo the work at your expense and being fined if your changes are in violation of our HOA's
covenants.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you contact Realty One Property Management before making changes to your property.